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Broker Dealer Compliance Begins Certification of Trading Platforms

Broker Dealer Compliance accepting applications from providers of Trading Platforms on certification of their trading technology by the Broker Dealer Compliance.
The information below explains in general terms why it is beneficial to certify trading technologies by the Broker Dealer Compliance.

How will this benefit Broker Dealer Compliance Members and their clients?

Due to the development of trading technologies and the emergence of new platforms the certification that the Broker Dealer Compliance conducts will help ensure firms are providing traders with higher standards of commercial honor in Forex trading, just as would be expected from using established forex trading platforms.

Why is certification important for the future of Trading Platforms?

Since there is no singular standard that trading platforms must adhere to, the certification that will be provided by the Broker Dealer Compliance will allow technology firms to improve commercial standing and provide traders with approved high-end technologies, that will render the access to a fair dispute resolution process facilitated by the Commission.

What does the certification process involve?

The certification process requires technology firms to provide answers to specific questions from the certification board, such as the following points described on this page (see below), and in other sections of the Broker Dealer Compliance’s website dedicated to defining key areas and questions that must be addressed.

How will certifying platform technology help make a difference?

In order for The Broker Dealer Compliance to provide an unbiased, independent and professional review, and subsequently, make equitable decisions with regards to customer complaints, it is critical for us to fully understand basic mechanisms such as the rate and order logic that enable trading platforms to execute transactions.

Even though most platforms may appear to provide the same functionalities in terms of basic trading capabilities, the manner in which orders are handled and rates are determined, are fine details that can vary from broker to broker yet share common attributes related to trade pricing and execution.

What are the steps included in the certification and how to start?

The information required to be supplied includes policies and procedures and answers to questions surrounding the following subjects on the trading platform that is being considered for certification by the Commission:

  • Platform Security
  • Platform Capacity
  • Instruments and Orders Types
  • Pricing and Execution Policy
  • Reporting and Record Keeping
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan

Technology providers seeking certification of its products or membership eligibility with the Broker Dealer Compliance can request a review of their trading technology. Requests should be submitted to