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Since 2008, the BDC has been the global watchdog regulator in monitor Commodity, Currency, and other Investment Class Dealers to protect investors against fraud.

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Broker Dealer Compliance Actions

The BDC warns against the following Financial Dealers after receiving complaints (updated as of 15 February, 2017):

  • ExentialGroup.com
  • InstaForex.com
  • Apex Trading Group
  • Capital One Forex
  • ATSMarkets.com
  • FX Clearing Group Inc
  • FX Grant
  • FXcast
  • InvestTechFX
  • Sisma Capital
  • BankInvestCapital.com

Featured Article

Featured Notice - December 2016

DUBAI, UAE – BDC recommends extreme caution with dealing with Exential Group in the United Arab Emirates. Several hundred investors worldwide, primarily in Dubai, report not being able to access funds in their Managed FX Accounts. Several agencies, brokerages, and media websites have also confirmed these infractions. (Violation of Code Chapter 7.5, Ponzi Scheme-style Fraud).

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Receiving Certification

Broker Dealer Compliance will accept applications from any provider of a trading service or platform. Once the firm has been fully verified by us they will receive certification…

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How We Resolve

Broker Dealer Compliance offers an un paralleled solution to resolving complaints with any of our certified partners…

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File a Complaint to Broker Dealer Compliance

Within a period of 60 days of any incidents a client may file a complaint with our firm to request resolution. Please note the client must have proof that they have first tried to resolve an incident with the firm in question.

  • Member has 5 days to acknowledge the client complaint was received and 14 days to answer the complaint through the Member’s Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) procedure.
  • Client can file a complaint to The BDC only if he is not satisfied with Member’s decision or decision wasn’t made within 14 days.

General Terms

  • Broker Dealer Compliance Begins Certification of Trading Platforms
  • How will certifying platform technology help make a difference?
  • How will this benefit Broker Dealer Compliance Members and their clients?
  • Why is certification important for the future of Trading Platforms?

Resolving a Dispute

File a Complaint to Broker Dealer Compliance